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Flowing Back in Time.

Past Life Regression is a method used under the practice of Hypnotherapy to open the doors that there is a possibiltiy of 'Life after Death'. Studies show that an overwhelming amount of anxieties and fears have been mended by the acting treatment of Past Life Regression. Past Life Regession is a method that uses the subconscious mind to unleash the imagination and creative thought to better understand your stand in this present life. At times, we may feel misplaced, have uncontrollable thought patterns or possibly may feel as though we would resognate better in another era. With Past Life Regression, we are able to better understand these thought patterns so we may continue on this lifes current course with a smooth consitant flow that enhances the celebration of living in the present moment.  Carlene, will be accepting appointments for Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression in the Spring of 2017.  In the meantime, she encourages you to email or call her with any questions or interest you may have. 

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