Symmetree Yoga

Her Music.   

Carlene's inspiration to write and produce music is just one aspect that she uses as a model of therapy for herself.  Her voice is carried through the guidance of an Angel and all her music that she writes stems from her true life happenings and her grand imagination.  She hopes to spread the universal signature of music through her voice and harmony while continuing to inspire others to use their creative thought to release blocked energy within their minds.  Her specialty is song writing, vocals and guitar.
Listen to Om Shanti written by Carlene
  • Voice Lessons available by request. Carlene focuses on guiding you into finding your own original voice from within. 
  • Recording Studio on-site. Professional Recordings available.
  • PLAYING LIVE in Germany with Ferdl Eichner. Contact us for upcoming shows. 
  • Reserve Ferdl and Carlene for your next Dinner Party. (A swanky Jazz Blues Blend. Mostly Original Songs with a complimentary unique style of Cover Tunes).

Specializing in private and small groups