Symmetree Yoga

Surrender, Relax, Breathe.

Why Meditate?  Sometimes life can catch us unaware and before we know it, we have derailed from our tracks. Daily tasks, illness, stress, lack of sleep and worry can not only take a toll on our daily life but also may contribute to illness, despair, mental and bodily disease.
Scientific research continues to find positive benefits of meditation. Meditation is an easy and inexpensive avenue to promote a healthy body, mind and energetic aura. 
Carlene will guide you into deep states of relaxation. Teaching pranayama breathing techniques, body awareness methods, chakra balancing, Tibtetan singing bowl vibration with voice mantras to enhance your overall sense of well being and knowledge of the ancient healing practice of various styles of meditation.
Specializing in private instruction and small groups. Teaching all levels; including beginners.

Yoga Instruction and Meditation Guidance Courses are welcomed by appointment.

The studio is warm, full of light and faces due south towards the Austrian Alps.

Specializing in private and small groups