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Injury Reform.

As a lifelong outdoors women, athlete, healing specialist and yoga teacher, Carlene has sustained many of her own accidents, injuries, strains, sprains and broken bones. She has years of study and experience working with Doctors, therapists and yoga teachers from around the world.  Combined with her Wilderness Rescue Education she introduces Injury Reform; Here, she uses her own methods of selfhelp combined with a tapestry of knowledge from all whom she has worked with. She trusts that Injury Reform will help you mend back into a close orginal form that is functionable and recognizable to its self. 

Injury Reform Treatment includes:

  • guidance into better understanding your unique structural being
  • massage techniques customised to boost circulation and enhance lymphatic flow  
  • excersises and stretching methods suited for your own indivudual needs
  • breathing instruction to circulate energy around and throughout all the cells, fibers and tissues
  • mind boosting meditation to allow you to better understand where the core of the injury is located
  • Nutritional advice to use foods as a modality to self heal.
  • combining all methods from above to create a smooth circle of reform.

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