Symmetree Yoga

The Bridge between Science and the Higher Self.

Why eLife Force? 

Research continues to make efforts to prove that the energy field of the body has profound effects on the humans internal, physical and mental health. With Carlene’s years of study and experience, this unique eLife Force approach may someday be positively measured to produce a medical breakthrough that will alter the life course of healing and their future avenues.

What is eLife Force? 

Utilising ancient techniques in conjunction with Carlene’s signature eLife Force modality; this therapy may stabilise the polarity fields of the body using a hands off approach to manipulate the deformity of the energy boundary lines back into symmetrical balance. The result is an equalised outer energy field to aid in the proper function of the cellular self and mental being.

Who Benefits from this therapy?  

Any individual that is open to receiving; however deformity in the polarity boundary line is most detectable in individuals whom are combating disease and illness, stressed, over worked, worried or fearful, grieving, traumatised, PTSD, depression disorders, anxieties disorders, insomnia, burn-out syndrome or terminally ill individuals to ease their way into their individualized next stage.
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