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About Carlene. 

Carlene is a Healing Specialist whom devotes her life to helping others maintain optimal health through Healthy Lifestyle Advice, Yoga, Natural Health therapies, Music and Outdoor Adventures. She is Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, Healing Specialist, Singer/Songwriter and Wilderness Guide. She has been in the Healing Arts and Outdoor Adventure field since 1998.  Her educational background and her life travels have granted her the opportunity to extend her healing hand and instruction to people around the world.  She spent many of her adult years practicing Karma Yoga at retreat centers around the Globe, which involved volunteering herself full-time to serving and helping others maintain and support a healthy life style.  Her intention is to treat each individual with an unique approach which highly compliments their specific needs to balance the mental, physical and metaphysical body. For over a descade she operated a yoga/adventure business in Northern New Hampshire, America. Therafter, she travelled to Europe and to India to manage Yoga Centers. Currently, she is working towards her certification under the National Guild of Hypnotherapy and is happy to offer her services as a healing therapist for the World Class Medical Spa, Lanserhof. She welcomes those whom are searching for a unique approach to reaching their own optimal health while experiencing life to its fullest to visit her at her Private Practice in the Bavarian Alps of Germany.  

Specializing in private and small groups